Crochet Pot Coasters

DIY Crochet Pot Coasters

 DIY Crochet Pot Coaster

  Kork Pot Coaster (from IKEA)

Use this pattern to crochet in the round:
1. Start with a magic ring, make 12 dc’s. (12)
2. *2dc* around. (24) 
3. *dc 1, 2dc next st* (36) 
4. *dc 2, 2dc next st* (48) 
5. *dc 3, 2dc next st* (60)
6. *dc 4, 2dc next st* (72)   
7. *dc 5, 2dc next st* (84)  
8. *dc 6, 2dc next st* (96)  
9. etc. until the right size

Crochet in the round until it fits the kork and then crochet a couple of more rounds without increasing.

Then pull some elastic band through.

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