Finished Star Blanket

Yesssss! I did it! Finished my Star Blanket made with StoneWashedXL by Scheepjeswol!!!!!

I can hardly believe it turned out so beautiful, I am totally in love with my blanket……and so is my daughter.

The pattern and photo tutorial are almost finished, so you all have to be a little more patient, but I promise to work on it as fast as possible!

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32 thoughts on “Finished Star Blanket

  1. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get the pattern and give it a go myself. After I finished my two blankets I am making for Christmas gifts for my in-laws.

  2. The blanket is so beautiful and the stars are bigger than I thought 🙂
    They looked kind of smaller on your former photos! But I really really like them! Nice wool!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Oh Atty, how utterly fabulous!!!!! I was really looking forward to seeing it finished, and here it is!
    You made it in super record time, as well.
    You must have worked really hard on it! I'm so thrilled to see it.
    You got such a pretty lovely daughter, she will treasure it, no doubt!!! Did you use all 16 colours?
    PS: your blog should come with the added comment: Contains added WOW FACTOR!!!
    Thanks for the super photos!!!
    Ingrid xx

  4. This is an awesome blanket! Something outstanding, not the usual granny or stripy blanket. You must be so happy with it. I love it a lot. Have a nice weekend, Viola

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