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  1. Simple but effective, and cute! Am I correct in assuming that, while joining on the go I have to release my hook from the loop of the new "dot", stick the hook through the double loops of the existing dot, catch the loop and pull it through, every stitch of the adjoining sides? I think I get it, but just to be sure… Plan to make a temperature blanket with this pattern starting January first, want to be sure that I'm joining them correctly and neatly. Thanx in advance!

  2. Help! I am not a novice crocheter just yet. I am left handed and have taught myself via you tube from videos. I have made the circles and I am having trouble joining them correctly. Is there a video or written pattern for this blanket? I am in love with it and want to move forward.

  3. Thank you for your speedy response!! Will go on practising Until I know the temperature of January 1st and I can start my blanket for real. Is there also a way to make half dots, for the sides? Or do I just have to fill the gaps with hdc, dc or tr?

  4. Just found this. Super cute! How did you choose your colors? I'm not great at colors and making sure it's balanced might make me crazy. LOL Any tips?

  5. Hello Atty. I have just finished making your star blanket and love how it's turned out. If I use all the colour left overs for this pattern, approximately how many white balls of yarn do I need in the scheepjes stone washed XL?

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