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(For more pictures click here)

For this blanket 100x150cm I used 14 colored skeins of StonewashedXL by Scheepjeswol and 15 natural colored ones and hook size 5mm.
To be precise: 15x Moonstone 841 and 1 x : Smokey Quartz 842, Boulder Opal 844, Blue Apatite 845, Canada Jade 846, Red Jasper 847, Corundum Ruby 848, Yellow Jasper 849, Garnet 850, Deep Amethyst 851, Lemon Quartz 852, Amazonite 853, Crystal Quartz 854, Green Agate,855, Coral 856.

You can get Stonewashed here at Deramores and here at Wool Warehouse , they both ship worldwide


The pattern for the diamond:
For the dutch version click here


This is how I joined the diamonds to make a star:

To crochet the natural colored diamond around the star, you have to crochet the diamond till step 25, chain one, pull through, chain 2 and then while joining follow rest of the steps.

For the sides of the blanket I used half stars.

To make these you have to crochet half diamonds like this:

Now take a look at the whole blanket to see the lay out, so you know how to arrange the stars before ‘sewing’ them together

Now double crochet around the whole blanket en make tassels at the ends.  

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54 thoughts on “Pattern/Photo Tutorial Star Blanket

  1. Thank you! I've been eagerly awaiting the pattern, but I'm still waiting on my yarn so I need to stay patient for a little while longer, LOL! I appreciate you putting the pattern up, I fell in love with your blanket at first site, and I can't wait to make one of my own!

  2. Dear Atty! Heartfelt thanks for making this pattern available for free, you are very generous!

    Looking at all your photographs I imagine it must have taken hours to put the instructions all together, never mind the amount of crochet time to make the blanket, or the amount of time it took to come up with the idea and how to make it work.

    The blanket is absolutely stunning!

    You are VERY talented!!! (I know I commented on it before, but it comes through in everything I have seen from you so far!)
    Long may you continue!!!!
    (and one more time: THANK YOU!!!)
    Ingrid xx

  3. Just fabulous! It is a beautiful pattern and the ladies on my FB page, Sanderellas have been waiting for this pattern! Lol…I even got personal messages to not forget to post it! Lol!! Thank you! Sandy

  4. Hi Atty,

    this blanket is superlovely, thank you so much for the tutorial! Would you mind if I added a pattern page for this to Ravelry?

  5. I'm in love with this blanket! Thank you so much for sharing!! I have a couple of questions about it since I'm new in crocheting. 1. In number 20 and 42 where exactly do you do the slip stitch? 2. When you join the diamonds where exactly do you do the first pull through? Thanks again!!

  6. I am studying the pattern because I'd like to make this gorgeous blanket, but I do not understand what you mean with the first photo, in which you say "fill this space with an extra diamond here". What space do you refer to? thank you again.

  7. I've just realised that my previous post wasn't published! I was thanking you for being so generous and sharing this pattern with your readers. I think it is amazing and that you're incredibly talented.

  8. Thanks a lot. One last question: The pattern diagram does not exactly coincide with the step-by-step photos, which one should I follow? I've done and undone a lot of diamonds, I've also made my first star, but every time it looks different because I am not sure of the steps I'm following.
    Best regards!

  9. I found your pattern via's facebook page. I love the look of this and would be interested in making it however, I cannot get the pictures to load so I can see how the triangles are made and how to join it all together. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. I really want to make this!

  10. Hi. Love the pattern and going to make one. Please could you tell me if you are using UK or US terms. I can't tell from the pics. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi, I love this blanket and am really enjoying making it thank you so much for this pattern. I have made all my stars and I am just starting adding the white diamonds onto the stars – I am having trouble and seem to have a gap where the point is and it doesn't look like your photo. Can you tell me where I'm going wrong please.

  12. Hi. Great pattern and beautiful blanket. I'm also wondering at which point do i need to stop the diamond? Do i make five until number 44 and then leave the last one until 34 and begin joining them?

  13. Namaste Atty. What a beautiful design! I absolutely love it. I was wondering if you have a written pattern for this? Thank you. Love and Light to you and yours from India.

  14. I started following your pattern for this blanket but then I have no idea where I went wrong but I couldn't be fit it together I tried and tried and tried it was something I as done wrong which threw the whole thing off, I was starting to get very annoyed but I couldn't give up as it was for a friend who was expecting and wanted something very different to a typical baby blanket so in the end I found a solution and ended up making a round version of this how I have no idea either lol but the finished blanket looked really nice so thank you for sharing this

  15. I have tried following the photos for a few days now, and when it comes to putting the diamonds together, its not piecing together properly! I have no idea what im doing wrong either. Is there written instructions for this aside from photos?

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