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  1. My grandmother tought me the basics of crochet when I was 8. I think I really picked it up again when I was about 30, so almost 15 years of active crochet.

  2. Hi again! That's brilliant! I also learned from my grandma around that age! In school we had to crochet ourselves a poncho!! However, I used to hate knitting as a kid! Funnily enough my knitting took off at the age of 20 or so when I knitted my first jumper! Then there was a long gap, and I knitted again when I had kids. Then an even longer gap and I only re-started maybe 5 years ago. Crochet only kicked back in about 6 months ago – and I made up for lost time. Now I crochet so much more, and on a daily basis!!!
    I really admire your work, it inspires me a lot!
    Take care,
    Ingrid xx

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