Catona Flower Shawl Pattern/Tutorial

For more pictures click here.
For dutch version click here/voor nederlandse versie klik hier.

The shawl measures 275×75 cm.
I used Catona by Scheepjes. (25gr)
242,244,245,246,247,249,251,252,253,254,256,257,258,261,263, 264,281,282,383,385,386,387,388,391,392,393,394,396,397,398,
And 9x 248

You can by this wonderfull 100% mercerized cotton in lovely 25 gr balls
and 82 colors at Deramores ( UKUSAAUCA,) and here at Wool Warehouse, they both
send worldwide.

Hook: 3,5mm

91 flowers
12 half flowers

Yarn usage per flower:

Centre of each flower (centre chain circle and round 1) : 1,5 meters
Petals (round 2) 5,25 meters
Basic color around the flowers (round 3 & 4) 5,5 meters

So this is how you crochet the flowers and how you join them.Take a look at the top picture, to see how I placed the flowers. Or look at this sheme:

To make a straight edge you have to crochet half flowers like

Now crochet around the shawl like this:

For the fringes I cut 30cm strings, 8 strings through corners.

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39 thoughts on “Catona Flower Shawl Pattern/Tutorial

  1. This is a beautiful shawl pattern! Thank you for sharing and teaching! I make Prayer Shawls to give away, and this will make a lovely shawl for someone who is hurting. Blessings to you!

  2. Schitterende shawl. Bedankt voor de SUPER gave uitleg en foto's. Catona is al in huis … nu nog tijd om te beginnen!!
    fijn weekend, groetjes Else Boompies

  3. Geweldig bedankt voor de duidelijke beschrijving van het patroon van deze prachtige shawl.
    Ik weet hoeveel werk het is om alles op "papier" te zetten.

  4. Prachtige sjaal! En wat een werk om de sjaal te maken en ook alle foto's te maken tijdens dat werk! Petje af! Heel erg informatief en mooi!

  5. J'adore !
    Bonjour et merci pour ce partage de qualité.
    Félicitations pour ce bel ouvrage.
    It is very beautifull.a Poétic crochet flower garden ! And what a intelligent tuto photos!!!
    I feel so happy to recieve such a perfectionist tuto pictures, that will really help me.
    Merci beaucoup!!!

  6. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting your detailed instructions! I have crocheted and knitted for years but never learned how to link flowers together. But now, with your help, I am going to try it. This means a lot to me. Many thanks & best wished, Brita

  7. I have just started making this beautiful shawl. All the flower middles are done – I am now doing the petals. When all done, I will put together.

    Thank you so much for sharing – I love your blog – the very best in my opinion. Lovely clear instructions

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