Crochet Candy Scarf

Three times now I used variegated yarn and all three times I failed using it. I could not let the yarn take over the controle of “placing” the colors so I cheated and divided the balls in to little balls. But I do like variegated yarn though, specialy when you’re on the go and can’t bring 25 different color balls of yarn with you.
A little while ago I found some Invicta Color by Scheepjes I got left from 2 floral shawls I made.
This time I was determined to use it right and I also wanted a project that didn’t involve as much tucking away ends, like most of my other projects.
So I started….

And I ended up with this…..

Crochet Candy Scarf

Before I am going to write down the pattern and make a tutorial I want to try it with some other yarns, so please be patient.
When I posted it on Instagram, one of my lovely followers said it reminded her of candy. I think Candy Scarf is a nice name for this one don’t you?

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15 thoughts on “Crochet Candy Scarf

  1. Wat een ontzettend leuk effect heb je met de Scheepjes Invicta Colour!! Mooi ook zoals de franjes verschillend van kleur zijn. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het er met ander garen uit ziet. Superleuk patroon :-)).
    (Ik zag dat je in Amsterdam woont, en ik voel me altijd beter als ik landgenoten in onze eigen taal benader ^_^. Als je de voorkeur geeft aan reacties in het Engels, zal ik me de volgende keer aanpassen LOL )

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