Crochet Christmas Coasters

It’s that time again we can start crocheting Christmas presents. My coasters last year were a big success, so I decided to make them again this year. This time I used Catona by Scheepjes. The little 25gr balls are perfect for projects like this, because they cost half you can get more colors…..which is still difficult, since there are 82 colors to choose from!
You can by this 100% mercerized cotton in lovely 25 gr balls
and 82 colors here at Wool Warehouse, they
send worldwide.

I found some silver yarn for the top of the Christmas bauble. It’s called Lizzy by Scheepjes.
But Catona color 172 Light Silver works very well also.

I adjusted the pattern a little bit.

I used a 2,5mm hook
Ch 3, close ring with slst.
ch 2 to start rows with, (= 1 dc) and close rows with slst.
1. 12dc in ring
2. *2dc* around (24)
3. *1dc, 2dc in next* (36)
4. *2dc, 2dc in next* (48)
5. *3dc, 2dc in next* (60)
join silver on top with slst
1. ch1, sc 5
2. ch1, sc 5
3. ch1, sc5
4. ch1, sc2, ch 20, slst in first ch, sc3

(Using the thin silver thread, you can add an extra row of 3 slst, 20 sc in the loop that’s formed by the 20 chains, 3slst) T

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