Scheepjes CAL Last Dance on the Beach

Yesterday was the first day of the Scheepjes CAL Last Dance on the Beach.
I feel very honored that I am part of this special and also emotional CAL, which is originally designed by Marinke, better known as Wink from
A Creative Being. Unfortunately she didn’t finish it and passed away….
Together with 12 of her online blogger friends we finished the CAL and you can find all the information on
I know I won’t be able to make the whole blanket because I have to many things and projects going on and to many new ideas in my head. But I do want to try out all the squares that are designed by my friends.
The first square is designed by Esther from Happy in Red.

I decided to do this CAL in Stonewashed. By accident I skipped the last row, but it turned out perfectly square, so I leave it this way.

Thank you Esther for this beauty!

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