Waterfall Scarf

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For this Scarf I used Catona 25gr by Scheepjes

You can buy the yarn here at Wool Warehouse and at Deramores UKUSAAUCA,) they both send worldwide.

Purple: 2x 394, 1x 128, 1x 256, 1x 240, 1x 114, 1x 246, 1x 251
Green: 2x 395, 1×245, 1x 392, 1x 100, 1x 402, 1x 385, 1x 253

Hook 4mm.

The scarf measures about 160x35cm.

The patterns is in US terms

First you have to make the wavy strips. I made 6 strips with 52 waves.

Now we have to crochet the strips together. Like I said I made strips
with 52 waves, but for the pattern I drew strips with only 5 waves,
just to make it clear.

Go all the way around, make sure to crochet loops on the top and bottom
of the strips for the fringes.

Start to crochet around a second strip, but stop before you crochet
the second chain on top of the wave, pull your needle out…

I love to share my designs with you to inspire you and I like to keep it free! A little donation though would be much appreciated, so I can keep buying yarn.

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9 thoughts on “Waterfall Scarf

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely free pattern. I like to dye yarn and this would be wonderful for color experiments. You have a great eye for color yourself. I pinned it to my Pinterest board and suspect that many people will enjoy making your lovely scarf.

    Thanks again, Valerie from New York City

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