Jack’s Chain Crochet Quilt

A long time ago I started this Jack’s Chain Crochet Quilt with Drops Paris.
I finished it but didn’t make a pattern, even though a lot of people asked me to.

Just recently I started a new one with less bright colors.

And again lots of people asked me to make a pattern, so this time I did.

I used Stonewashed and Charming 
You can find the pattern in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Shop

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7 thoughts on “Jack’s Chain Crochet Quilt

  1. Hello, there's a 404 not found error on the Rav link because there's an extra hyphen before the s of jacks. It's still easy enough to find using the Rav search but thought you would like to fix it here.
    This is a gorgeous blanket, I remember trying to figure it out when you did the first one, I'm glad there's a pattern now!

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