Serape Ripple Crochet Pattern

I love:

  • Mexican blankets
  • Serape
  • Ripple crochet
  • Triangular shawls

So why not combine it all I thought! And her she is: The Serape Ripple Shawl!

You can get the free photo tutorial below or support me by purchasing the ad-free printer-friendly PDF version of this pattern with charts and written instructions on Etsy or Ravelry.

My granddaughter loved the shawl so much as you can see in the pictures and asked me to make her one in her favorite color. So I also made a smaller one, in pink!

About the yarn

You can use any yarn you like with matching hook size! I had lots of Merino soft by Scheepjes left overs which I used up in this shawl, with hook 5mm. I used 650 grams in total, so 13 balls should be enough, but I used 38 colors to get the serape effect. You can get Merino soft here at Woolwarehouse. Using a good hook like a Clover hook will make a huge difference, Clover Amour is my favorite hook anyway but especially with yarn that is a bit splitty, I couldn’t do without my Clover hook. 

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Pattern Serape Ripple Shawl


Measurements (without the fringes):

The big shawl measures;  long side about 220cm, point 85cm. The small shawl measures;  long side about 107cm, point 45cm.But you can make it as big or small as you want.

Abbreviations US terms:

st stitch/stitches

ch-sp chain space

slst slipstitch

ch chain

dc double crochet

dc2tog double crochet 2 together

NOTE: Work on right side only. Leave long ends and beginnings (about 16 cm), you will hide them in the fringes.

If you rather work with printed charts and written instructions then purchase the ad-free printer friendly version of the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.



Chain an odd multiple of 12. For the big one I chained 348, which is 29 x12 chains. For the smaller one I chained 180, which is 15 x 12 chains. Make sure you chain an odd multiple of 12! Otherwise the point of the shawl will end up differently.

From now on repeat row 3 – 6 and end with a row 3,then:


For each fringe cut 10 threads of 30 cm and knot it around the 2 chains  at the beginning and end of each row.

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