Furry Flower Shawl crochet pattern

I find that fluffy yarn very hard to crochet with, but I really really like how soft that stuff is! It’s a lot easier to knit with, but unfortunately I don’t have the patience for knitting. But I was determined to do something with this soft and fluffy yarn! So I started make some simple circles, which worked out perfectly!

Then I thought okay and now what to do with these lovely softies?! Well you all know how much I like to crochet flowers, so if figured why not grab another yarn and make flowers!

I loved making them very much and made 2 shawls.

I used Durable Furry, Teddy and Cosy for these, with hook 7mm. But of course you can use any other fluffy yarn plus any other matching yarn and hooksize.You can get the free pattern below or support me by purchasing the ad-free printer-friendly PDF version of this pattern with charts on Etsy or Ravelry.

For shawl 1 (168x35cm) with light pink and orange I used:

4x Durable Furry brick 2239

5x Durable Cosy powder pink 210

For the shawl 2 (180 x 43cm) with mint and lime I used:

4x Durable Teddy lime 352

8x Durable Cosy mint 2137

One flower measures about 12 cm.

Abbreviations US terms:

beg    beginning

st       stitch/stitches

slst    slip stitch

ch      chain

dc      double crochet

dtr     double triple crochet

ch-sp chain-space


With Furry or Teddy make a magic ring or chain 3 and close with ss in first ch to form ring

Round 1: 2 ch (=1 dc), 11 dc in ring, close with slst in 2nd ch. (12 in total), cut thread and weave in end.

Round 2: Join Cosy in between st with a slst, 4ch, (1dtr, 1ch, 1dtr) in between next st, 4ch, *slst in between next st, 4ch, (1dtr, 1ch, 1dtr) in between next st, 4ch, repeat from * 4 more times, close with sl in slst from beg, cut thread and weave in end.

Joining the flowers:

All flowers are joined together as-you-go in every 1ch-sp while crocheting the 2nd round, as follows : After the first dtr, remove hook from loop and insert hook in any 1ch-sp of a finished flower, pick up loop again and pull through, work 1ch (= forming a slst), continue working in pattern while joining all next 1ch-sps where necessary.

See schematics below for making a Furry Flower shawl. Pick the shape you like!

As you can see in the schematics, you need flowers with 3, 4 or 5 petals to make “straight” edges. You can just crochet round 1 and in round 2 you skip the amount of petals that’s necessary.

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