Flowerland Shawl Free crochet pattern

Maybe you have already seen the Flowerland Shawl I made for Katia Yarns. You can get a free pattern and video tutorial in spanish on their site.


I also made one in brighter colors and down below I am sharing the pattern and a photo tutorial for this version!

If you rather work with an ad-free PDF version or want to support me, you can purchase the fully written and ad-free PDF version of this pattern in my Etsy or Ravelry shop.

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Katia Capri 100% mercerized cotton, 50gr/125m with hook 3,5mm

4x color A: 82135, 2x color B: 82152, 2x color C: 82056, 1x color D: 82158, 1x color E: 82106, 1x color F: 82115, 1x color G: 82100, 1x color H: 82139, 1x color I: 82118, 1x color J: 82142, 1x color K: 82174, 1x color L: 82171, 1x color M: 82083, 1x color N: 82101.

Measurements: about 250×60 cm

1 motif measures about 15 cm

Abbreviations US terms:

beg beginning

ch chain

ch-sp chain space 

dc double crochet

dtr double treble crochet

dtr2tog double treble crochet 2 together

RS right side

slst slipstitch

st stitch/stitches

sp space

tr treble crochet

WS wrong side

Make 44 motifs like this, but without the last round.

Lay out your motifs in the order you want to crochet them together.

We are going to join in every 3 and 5ch-sp, while working the 5th round

Finishing the upper row with 1⁄2 motifs:

 The half motif on the left you start joining in the second 3ch-sp

Fringes: cut 20 threads of 30 cm per fringe and attach them to every 3ch-sp.

Like this:

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