Super Simple Spike Stitch Shawl FREE crochet pattern

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This spectacular looking shawl is very easy to make and there are no beginnings and ends to weave in! You simply will work those away in the fringes.

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You can use any kind of yarn with matching hook size. 

I used Durable Comfy 100% Micro fiber acrylic (100gr/266m) with hook 4mm. About 650grams in total.

Color order:

1: Light Purple 269 2: Pastel Lilac 268 3: Orchid 419 4: Light Pink 203 5: Cream 2172 6: Pastel Yellow 308 7: Pearl 279 8: Bright Mint 2136 9: Atlantis 342

My shawl measures: long side 200cm x point 70cm

Abbreviations US terms: 

beg beginning
ch chain

dc double crochet 

ldc longdouble crochet

slst slipstitch 

sp space

st stitch/stitches 


  • only work on the right side 
  • leave long beginnings and ends, about 10cm. 
  • long dc: this stitch is like a normal dc but inserted 1 row below the previous row, just pull up your loop to the same height as your other dc.

Photo Tutorial:

From here repeat row 4 with every time an extra repetition after *. 

Repeat until you reached the desired size. 

I used 9 colors (see materials above for the color order)


Cut 4 strings of 20cm per fringe and while knotting them through the chains paces on the sides make sure to work away your beginning and ends at the same time.

I matched the colors of the fringes with the colors of every row.

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