All my patterns (free or paid) and tutorials on this blog are my property, they belong to me Atty van Norel and are protected by copyright. They are for your personal use only!!!

You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, redistribute, sell and edit them in any way – in part or as a whole.

Do not use my pictures without my permission.

Do not make photo or video tutorials for my free or paid patterns  without my explicit permission.

You are allowed to make a translation of my patterns for your own personal use but you are not allowed to distribute the translations of my patterns.

You are welcome to sell items made using my free or paid patterns (if not mass production), as long as Atty van Norel is credited as the designer.

Yarn sellers: Do not print or digitally spread my patterns/tutorials to distribute with yarn sales, without my permission as this is an infringement of copyright.

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