Flower Scarf Pattern

Klik hier voor nederlands patroon Click here for more pictures. The scarf measures 125x90cm. I used Invicta Colour 956 and 965 by Scheepjeswol (one of each) Hook 3,5 mm Chain 3, close ring with slip stitch, chain 2 and double crochet 11 in ring to make the circle you start with. Click here for picture. Then follow these steps: To connect the flowers you crochet […]

Flower Scarf

It’s FINISHED!!!My beautiful Flower Scarf made with Invicta Colour by Scheepjeswol. It’s so pretty and soft and warm, perfect for the cold weather here in the Netherlands. Before I could wrap it around my neck, my little one already grabbed it out of my hands and decided it’s hers! I will put the pattern on here hopefully next […]

Flower Scarf Update

It’s beautiful yarn, this Invicta Colour by Scheepjeswol, I love the colors and it’s soft and warm. But like I said it’s a bit of a challenge for me, since I love to play around with colors. Probably the meaning of a variegated yarn is that it forms some kind of a pattern by it self. In that […]

New Yarn!

If you visited my blog before, you can tell I love color. Usually when I get yarn, I pick about all the different colors there are, so I can play around with them. This time I was in for a bit of a challenge and picked a variegated yarn, only 2 skeins!It’s actually a sockyarn […]

There was more in my closet! Look at these cute little dresses I also made for her!And again sorry but there aren’t any patterns.I am just sharing for your inspiration.

Half Star Hexagon

I created a half star hexagon, so you can make a nice straight edge on a blanket using the Star Hexagon. Click here for dutch version/klik hier voor NL versie. Click on pictures to enlarge Now you have a half star hexagon and you can crochet the white around it just like you do with a full hexagon see here. […]


Tried over and over again cause I wasn’t happy with previous star. I think I am now…. and look how nice they look crocheted together!It’ll be hard for me to make a pattern, but I will do my very best to make a tutorial that makes clear how it’s made!

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