My ‘Try Out’ Basket

It has been a while! I was fighting off the flu…Slowly I started to feel better and wanted to pick up what I was busy with.I got this big basket full of cheap yarn from a local store, I use it to try out new motifs and granny squares. Sometimes I do finish something with […]

Little Dots Bag

Today I got an other bag finished I started with last year.Remember I had left overs from the Star Blanket (click here) that I made with StonewashedXL by Scheepjeswol? And the Little Dots Pattern I made from it? Click here for the pattern. I made a little bag with it.

KIKA Purple Rain Scarf in the making

In my previous post (click here) I explained about the KIKA Yarnkit and what a big challenge it is for me to follow an existing pattern instead of making my own!Ofcourse it happened again and I couldn’t let the yarn lead me! Just like with my Invicta Flowerscarf I started winding up the wool in little balls, so […]

Christmas Cards

Inspired by my Christmas Coasters (click here), I made these Christmas cards.I printed out the text and glued it on some cardboard, cut out the rounds and punched holes in it with a rotary hole punch. Crocheted three double crochets in each hole and on top a couple of single crochets and chains like I did […]

Christmas Coasters

It’s not that far away anymore! CHRISTMAS!!!  3 Days ago Scheepjes started a Christmas Bloghop For 10 days they’ll hop from blog to blog for inspiration and free patterns to keep you busy in this festive month! Yesterday it was Jellina’s turn, she made a tree garland check it out at Today it’s mine and I made […]

Flower Scarf Pattern

Klik hier voor nederlands patroon Click here for more pictures. The scarf measures 125x90cm. I used Invicta Colour 956 and 965 by Scheepjeswol (one of each) Hook 3,5 mm Chain 3, close ring with slip stitch, chain 2 and double crochet 11 in ring to make the circle you start with. Click here for picture. Then follow these steps: To connect the flowers you crochet […]

Flower Scarf

It’s FINISHED!!!My beautiful Flower Scarf made with Invicta Colour by Scheepjeswol. It’s so pretty and soft and warm, perfect for the cold weather here in the Netherlands. Before I could wrap it around my neck, my little one already grabbed it out of my hands and decided it’s hers! I will put the pattern on here hopefully next […]

Flower Scarf Update

It’s beautiful yarn, this Invicta Colour by Scheepjeswol, I love the colors and it’s soft and warm. But like I said it’s a bit of a challenge for me, since I love to play around with colors. Probably the meaning of a variegated yarn is that it forms some kind of a pattern by it self. In that […]

New Yarn!

If you visited my blog before, you can tell I love color. Usually when I get yarn, I pick about all the different colors there are, so I can play around with them. This time I was in for a bit of a challenge and picked a variegated yarn, only 2 skeins!It’s actually a sockyarn […]

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