Star Blanket Update 2

I can hardly believe that I am really making a blanket, that I am working on such a big project! Usually I don’t have the patience to work this long on one project….  Half of my stack of stars is surrounded with the natural color from StoneWashedXL by Scheepjeswol now. Then I was curious to see what they would […]

Star Blanket Update

Oh how much fun it is to crochet these stars! And I’m falling in love more and more with this StonewashedXL yarn. It’s cotton(70%) but feels soft like wool, but then without the itch, if you know what I mean.Doesn’t this stack of stars look wonderful? And then look at them all layed out! Can you already imagine […]

Stone Washed XL

ME SO HAPPY!!!My big white kitchen/work table is full of new yarn! It’s Stone Washed XL  by Scheepjeswol this time. It feels so nice and soft I’m totally in love with it. The colors are also beautiful, I wasn’t able to choose just a few, so I got them all! The weather here in Amsterdam the Netherlands is […]

Braided/Woven Crochet Block

After posting this Crochet Stool Cover Tutorial, a lot of people said they wanted to make a whole blanket like that. Honestly I dont think it will hold up very well, it will probably get to heavy and pull gaps open.Now I tried out something for you. I think like this, divided in smaller squares, it […]

“Triangle Circle” Pillow

Alot of people said make a blanket with those “triangle circles”. Believe me, I agree that it would be wonderfull, but I just don’t have the patience for a big project like that! To many other ideas in my head I want to work on…so it became a pillow. My sweet little daughter let me […]

Joined Flowers Tutorial

Two days ago when I actualy was working on my “triangle circle” project, I felt like crocheting flowers to cheer up the rainy grey day. I posted the pictures on my FB page and in a couple of FB crochet groups. Than it started raining requests for the pattern!!!So I worked really hard on it […]

“Triangle Circle”

Still didn’t decide yet what to make. But a lot of people asked me for the pattern, because they do know what to make with the color circles! 🙂 So I did my best to draw and write it down and to show how I put the triangles together.Hope its helpfull! Ch3, close with […]

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