To get you in the mood for Christmas

Tomorrow  Scheepjes will start with a Christmas Blog Hop again! I will share something very cute with you on the 8th of december.Today I want to share a very fast and simple little project to get you in the mood. You need some green yarn, (I used Colour Crafter by Scheepjes), wooden skewers and some […]

Crochet Christmas Coasters

It’s that time again we can start crocheting Christmas presents. My coasters last year were a big success, so I decided to make them again this year. This time I used Catona by Scheepjes. The little 25gr balls are perfect for projects like this, because they cost half you can get more colors…..which is still difficult, since there […]


I used to think a hook is a hook and crocheted with what ever hook I could find. Actually I crocheted my Star Blanket with a tunesian hook (one that has the lenght of a knitting needle) because I didn’t have a normal hook size 5 mm laying around!But how wrong of me to think […]

Silvi Flowers

A while ago I worked with Silvi by Scheepjes and designed a shawl that made it to the cover of this magazine. And to the back! I really liked working with this chunky yarn, so I got myself some more! Do you like these flowers also?

Crochet Candy Scarf Pattern

Klik hier voor nederlands. For the one on the left I used: 2 balls of Invicta Colour by Scheepjes nr.960 with hook 4mm They sell Invicta Colour here at Wool Warehouse. For the one on the right I used: Stonewashed by Scheepjes with hook 4,5mm 2x 803, 1×806, 1×812, 1×813, 1×814, 1×819. They sell Stonewashed here at Wool Warehouse en here at […]

Little Windmill Baby Blanket

It’s finished!!! My Little Windmill Baby Blanket made withColour Crafter by Scheepjes.Wish I could have taken photo’s with the baby, but the babyis not there yet.I am soooo excited, cause my best friend willbe a grandmother in a few months!!!Hope to have the pattern ready in a week.Have a happy weekend!

Little Windmill Baby Blanket WIP

This Color Crafter by Scheepjes works up very nice and quick. Look how cute the Little Windmills look just by themselves. But I want to turn them into a blanket and I want to use some more colour. I hope to have the blanket ready next week, but these pictures will give you an idea of what it […]

Colour Crafter

Scheepjes just recently came out with a new yarn, 100% acrylic this time. To be exact, a premium acrylic! It’s called Colour Crafter. It’s super soft and has a silky touch to it.And the best thing about it, it comes in 63 different colours!!! I really like their promoshot of the yarn and the fact that each […]

Crochet Candy Scarf

Three times now I used variegated yarn and all three times I failed using it. I could not let the yarn take over the controle of “placing” the colors so I cheated and divided the balls in to little balls. But I do like variegated yarn though, specialy when you’re on the go and can’t […]

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