Flower Scarf Update

It’s beautiful yarn, this Invicta Colour by Scheepjeswol, I love the colors and it’s soft and warm. But like I said it’s a bit of a challenge for me, since I love to play around with colors. Probably the meaning of a variegated yarn is that it forms some kind of a pattern by it self. In that case I failed…
Sometimes it took to long before the color I wanted to use showed up, so I cheated and wound up the wool into little balls.

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11 thoughts on “Flower Scarf Update

  1. Hi Atty! Glad you love that yarn as well, I think the colours are so pretty! <3
    What will you do with the yarn you skipped? Are you not going to use it?
    I would be more inclined to keep going with the flow of the changing colours.
    However, I got an idea: You could use the yarn from both ends, that way you got more colour variations, if you wanted to have contrasting colours next to each other.
    Like your other projects, I think it will turn out so beautiful and stunning!
    Keep going, I look forward to see how it's growing!!
    Veel haakplezier nog! 🙂
    Ingrid xx

  2. Dividing up the variegated yarn sort of defeats the purpose. I understand you wanted starker colour changes. Then why buy variegated yarn in the first place, and not 5-6 different colours?

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