“Triangle Circle”

Still didn’t decide yet what to make. But a lot of people asked me for the pattern, because they do know what to make with the color circles! 🙂

So I did my best to draw and write it down and to show how I put the triangles together.
Hope its helpfull!

Ch3, close with sl.st.
Ch2(is dc), dc2, ch 1, dc3, ch1, dc3, ch1 close with sl.st
Ch 2(is dc), dc3, trc1, *ch3, trc1, dc5, trc1* ,repeat *…*, ch3, trc1, dc1 close with sl.st.

Now you got one circle, pick another color combination of 6.

Form a green circle from here and so on…..

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14 thoughts on ““Triangle Circle”

  1. You have to put your hook through the corner of the finished triangle and then pul the unfinished one through, make 2 chains and then a triple crochet. Take your hook out again, put it through the finished one, pull the unfinished one through and double crochet….etc
    Hope this helped! 😀

  2. I am familiar with the join as you go for granny squares but am confused as to what point do you put the hook through the corner of the finished triangle (chain two, and then three double crochets and then insert to finished triangle before? starting the triple crochet into the chain 3 space?) Thanks, love your designs.

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