A box full of Bonbons

This box was waiting for me when I got home from Morocco. It’s filled with Scheepjes newest yarn called Maxi Bonbon! These little 25gram balls come in 87 shades and I got all of them! Oh lucky me…You can buy this lovely yarn at Deramores they ship worldwide! And at Wool Warehouse. I put them on my coffee table first, […]

Waterfall Scarf

Klik hier voor Nederlands. For this Scarf I used Catona 25gr by Scheepjes You can buy the yarn here at Wool Warehouse and at Deramores ( UK, USA, AU, CA,) they both send worldwide. Purple: 2x 394, 1x 128, 1x 256, 1x 240, 1x 114, 1x 246, 1x 251 Green: 2x 395, 1×245, 1x 392, 1x 100, 1x 402, 1x 385, […]

Last Dance on the Beach week4

Dear Marinke,Never got the chance to meet you in person….something I was really looking forward to. But it never happened. That bloggersday last year you were sick, so they said. I thought you had the flu or maybe caught a little cold. I had no idea, you were that sick.And then the day came, the […]

Scheepjes CAL Last Dance on the Beach

Yesterday was the first day of the Scheepjes CAL Last Dance on the Beach.I feel very honored that I am part of this special and also emotional CAL, which is originally designed by Marinke, better known as Wink fromA Creative Being. Unfortunately she didn’t finish it and passed away….Together with 12 of her online blogger […]

Crochet Daffodil Egg Cups

KLIK HIER VOOR NEDERLANDS For these cute Daffodil Egg Cups I used the little 25 gr. balls Catona by Scheepjes, You can buy the yarn here at Wool Warehouse and at Deramores ( UK, USA, AU, CA,) they both send worldwide. nr100 nr101 nr130 nr208 nr280 nr386 with hook 3,5mm USterms And then you made yourself a beautiful Daffodil Egg Cup! Hope you enjoy. I love […]

Crochet Diamond Motif Pattern

KLIK HIER VOOR NEDERLANDS Today I will share my Diamond Motif pattern! I made this cushion and pillow with it and am still playing with it. The cushion is made with Velvet Color Crafter  by Scheepjes and the blanket with Merino Soft. The pattern is very versatile and I am very curious what you guys are going […]

Crochet at Blijburg aan Zee

Close to my house there is very nice bar/restaurant called Blijburg aan Zee. It has a bohemian chic feel to it and I love it!I meet up there with friends that like crochet as much as I do and we just sit there, chit chat and crochet. I want to share some more pictures with […]

Velvet Color Crafter

Scheepjes released this wonderful edition of the Color Crafter andI was such a lucky girl, I already got to work with it. Let me tellyou, it works up really great and it feels just as soft as velvet!And it looks like old worn velvet, just beautiful!It comes in 8 colors and every color is named […]

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